Mass Shooting At Half Moon Bay Today, Seven Dead & One Injured, Suspect Identified & In Custody!

San Mateo, and Half Moon Bay, two different places were under terror the last day after the shooting is said to have occurred at Half Moon Bay. It was mentioned by the police that they were informed about a shooting that occurred at two different locations that were in danger. It was also given out that gunshots, wounds, and causalities as well occurred at the two places while police arrived at the scene for help along with medics. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Seven Dead & One Injured In Half Moon Bay Shooting

Mass Shooting At Half Moon Bay Today

A huge police patrol was seen in these areas. While on the other hand, the mass shooting rusted in many injured ones as well. Stay tuned as we covered details about this shooting so far. As per teh reports, there was a shooting that was held in two separate places which were close to half Moon Bay this shooting occurred this week initiation on Monday, the 23rd of January 20243. While it was mentioned by the police that this occurred around 2:22 pm at a nursery which was along the 12700th block of San Mateo road.

Seven Dead & One Injured In Half Moon Bay Shooting

At this place, about four victims were found with gun wounds and they, were unconscious on teh road. Later teh four victims were declared to be dead after checking up on them.  One victim who was alive was taken to the Stanford Medical Center while sustaining life-threatening injuries. Soon after this shooting site was closed, police found that as a street closer to this area, near the 2100th block of Cabrillo Highway South

Half Moon Bay Shooting Incident

Another shooting site was discovered where police found three more victims and three of them were dead as well. While police were investigating this case they came to know about the shooting’s suspect and soon the suspect as well was taken into custody. It was mentioned by the police that the suspect, in this case, was a 67 years old man who was a resident of Half Moon Bay from Chunli Zhao. While the suspect was taken into custody after he was found in a vehicle around 4:40 pm the same day.

Who Is The Suspect?

Police mentioned that the suspect was found in his car and police mentioned that a semi-automatic handgun was also found in his car. Firstly he shot the three victims near the trailers where they lived or were next to where he works and then he also gunned won two people who were near as well. While later he shot the other ones near the street as well. Police also added that the motive of the shooting is unclear, Zhao is the only one who shot seven people altogether in this shooting spree.

Speaking of the identities of the people who passed away in the incident then it is mentioned that they were workers who were working near the properties. As the suspect is now under custody police mentioned that there is no threat to the residents of the surroundings, while there was heavy patrolling seen after the shooting as the investigations began. On the other hand, Supervisor Ray Muller mentioned that the farmworkers were affected, while there were many children in this area.

He added that the incident was heartbreaking for the whole community. San Mateo County Sheriff Christina corpus added that this is a devastating tragedy got teh whole community as the families are at a great loss. The family reunification centre is set up to recognize the demise which is held at IDES Hall located at 735 Main St. In Half Moon Bay.


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