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Live Teer Lottery Result Today 10.12.2020 Check Shillong Juwai Khanapara & Arunachal Winning List Numbers Cash Prize

Hi, all individuals are you all set to push your goals & desires with the support you had forever craved. In this way, you extremely endeavour your karma in one of the most popular striking betting competition of the state Teer Lottery. The mysterious betting however valid & engaging competition is encouraging you to achieve the aggregate of the desires of your life. Various individuals have fulfilled a tremendous opportunity only by conquering this remarkable competition. So review today Juwai Lottery Result at 3 PM IST & the entire winning numbers list of the competitions involving Shillong, Khanapara & Arunachal at 6:30 PM IST. 

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Teer Lottery Result 8.12.2020

Live Result of Teer Lottery Today 10.12.2020 Shillong Juwai Khanapara & Arunachal

As we discussed before the names of the 4 Teer competitions involving Juwai, Shillong, Khanapara & Arunachal. Each one of these competitions published its consequences in 2 distinct steps. competitors are permitted to bet in any of the series or in both of the sequences. The champion of both the series can claim for Rs 4000 on each & every of its wager. Though the first step is proposing Rs 80 on each & every Re of its wager on the other side, round two is providing Rs 60 to every one of its champions. 

Moreover, the complete competition is managed by the state govt. of the Meghalaya state. The govt. administration arranged the competitions with the combination of Khasi Hills Sports Archery Organization which selects the volunteers of archers, trading the tickets cards, drawing out the outcomes of the competition. All the occurrences & responsibilities presented by the community which is straightly responsible to the state govt. of the state. The lottery leads by the state govt. each day apart from Sunday. It is providing an opportunity to all the residents of the state to get wealthy within the 6 days of the week. Promptly, it is your choice how might you utilise it. 

Perceive the entire winning list of Teer Lottery Result of 10.12.2020 at 3 PM IST & the absolute outcome of all the competitions at 6:30 PM IST. Review the outcome correctly & claim the prize respectively.

Check Out Teer Lottery Today Winner Name 

Shillong Teer Lottery Result

  • First Round:
  • Second Round: 

Juwai Teer Lottery Result

  • First Round:
  • Second Round:

Khanapara Teer Lottery Result

  • First Round:
  • Second Round:

Arunachal Teer Lottery Result

  • First Round:
  • Second Round:
Teer Lottery Result Today
The state govt. of Meghalaya has been planning Teer Lottery since the 1980s. It is recognised as one of the outstanding origins of revenue for the individuals of the state. Have your eyes on the outcome & refresh this site for the winning list. Stay connected with us for the more latest information and latest Teer Lottery Result today’s update.


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