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Live: Bigg Boss 15, 14th October 2021 Full Episode Written Update, Check Today’s Nominations & Elimination Highlights!

The previous episode highlights,” we see Shamita yelling “Jungle Mein Khunkhar Dangal”, task tells Meisha that she destroyed her shoe for the assignment, but she may still use it. Meisha accuses Pratik of knowing about her shoe. Shamita informs Meisha that Pratik is ignorant and that she will obtain her from her stylist. Pratik embraces Meisha” Following today’s episode BB15, Vishal Kotian and Tejasswi Prakash set fire to the house.

Bigg Boss 15, 14th October 2021

Bigg Boss 15, 14th October 2021 Full Episode

Vishal Kotian approaches Vishwasuntree, pleading with her to restore Tejasswi’s clothing since she is in danger. He claims that because she is always asking Karan Kundra for clothing, she becomes the second Karan Kundra and loses her self originality which she maintained from starting and was loved by everyone. Even Tejasswi makes their message in such a way that you’re certain to laugh out loud,

So watch tonight’s show for their amusing activities and task in the house. Karan is disheartened by the fact that Shamita and Vishal are ganging up and playing in a team. In defense, Shamita says “Karan I’m playing and strategizing in the same way you do nothing new about”. Shamita also claims that she believes Vishal, on which Karan reacts and says “you have picked the wrong guy”.

BB15, Today’s Written Update

Whereas we can see Karan’s insecurity that now he’s left out. but in a point, we see that Karan also approaches Nishant and Prateek to come and align, and play together. When Bigg Boss announced the elimination, netizens speculated that Sahil Shroff will be ousted for sure, because the public votes for the person who has the capacity to connect them. So don’t miss it when it airs on Colors at 10:30 PM IST.

In today’s episode, we also witness Vishwasuntree performs a very hilarious act seeing which everybody laughs and giggles and laughter to the house. All the contestants reach out in the garden area to watch out for funny scenes even as an audience Shamita and Nishant give out their best reaction. We also see Tejswani putting efforts to entertain to the fullest. To watch more freshly brewed content be in tune with TheGossipsWorld.


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