LINK: MARICOPA HIGH SCHOOL ASSAULT VIDEO LEAKED & Viral On Twitter, Reddit, YouTube & Instagram!

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As per the recent report a piece of very shocking news is coming up and everyone is getting curious to know more about this video is coming on the trend and it is getting viral on every social media platform like Facebook and Reddit. This video is related to the Maricopa high school and after getting viral this video is making everyone extremely shocked. This video is terrifying. If you want to know about the whole situation of this video stay with you and with us follow for more, Everyone is getting curious to watch this video on social media platforms, Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Maricopa High School Assault Chair Video

Maricopa High School Assault Chair Video

But there is only less number of people who can watch this video because the reason is this video is censored and no one has a right to watch this video but there are many people who have already seen this video because the video contains explicit content where a student is standing and the whole video is shooted. The video is shooted there is the second person who is holding the camera from the back and after some time he suddenly takes the chair and raises it on his head. The video seems like the person

Maricopa High School Assault Video Viral

Who is holding the chair is going to throw the chair on someone which is very strange and dangerous after that he Smash his head and the back of the chair he was carrying. After this video, the person who did this was sitting and he was on the ground then hit the chair very strongly he was not saying anything, not even a single word not he was moving in front but somehow the culprit again getting ready to pick up the chair and then again he did the same thing raising his head like he was doing earlier but surprisingly he got distracted

By the teacher who was saying that put this chair down. No one and the classroom was expecting a serious situation and this video is not properly clear but everyone is assuming that there was a second student who came in front and he held the chair and then he took it off from him the whole incident was captured on the camera even there are many students who were laughing and they didn’t know the coins sequences after that they were shocked and everyone got scared. The investigation is going on and he has been charged with these assault charges.


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