Wake Forest University professor Laura Mullen resigned after sharing posts that justified Hamas’ terror attack

Laura Mullen: A very weird and serious issue has been coming from Wake Forest University where a professor has resigned from her position after being criticized on social media for supporting Hamas. There are a lot of people who are now in support of Hamas and they are justifying the October 7 Massacre. A lot of people are making videos of Controversial notes on the Twitter platform supporting Hamas and it is getting a huge response from the audiences. The same happened with Professor Laura Millen of Wake Forest University who later resigned from his job. 

Laura Mullen
Image Source: Campus Reform

Who Is Laura Mullen?

Lara Mullen is a professor at Wake Forest University where she teaches Humanities, English and Creative Writing. She has now submitted her resignation from the job to the college author. She is there till the ongoing semester ends as she needs to complete the syllabus that she is taking.

All this happened after a post that she shared on Twitter where she was seen justifying the Hamas attack on the music fest of 7th October where hundreds of people were killed. After that, she got harsh comments from the university and later resigned from her job.

She was trapped in a huge controversy after the post and then went through the consequences by getting harsh comments after her post by the university that left her no more interested in the continuation of her job. 

Laura Mullen Controversial Post

Laura Mullen came into the limelight after a controversial post shared by her on the Twitter (X) platform that became a huge part of controversies as she was seen supporting the Hamas attack on the musical fest held on 7th October where a lot of military youngsters had participated and hundreds of people were killed.

Laura Mullen
Image Source: Old Gold & Black

Laura wrote in her Post that she “could be tempted to shoot up the dance party”. This was linked to the shoot on the October 7 music fest. However, she claimed that it was raw, direct and poetic. After a week she deleted the post and said that the university has comments on her “may be making things harder on the Muslim Population”. 

After that, the university managed somehow to support her and commented in her favour saying “the right to individual freedom of expression”. She was disappointed by the university’s behaviour. The university had never again given any interest to the social media posts or comments made on that matter. Mullen clearly expressed her disappointment, saying that the university had left her “out to the wolves” in their handling of the matter.


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