Is Lara Parker Husband Really Jimmy Hawkins? Dark Shadow Fame Dies At 84!

Lara Parker husband  – A very shocking news of the death of actress Lara Parker has arrived. Lara was a beloved actress who is popularly known for her iconic role of Angelique Bouchard in the series “Dark Shadows”. She left all of us at the age of 84 years. She passed away on 12ve October, 2023 at her home in Topanga Canyon, in the Los Angeles area. Her daughter had shared this news to the public but the exact cause of her death is still not disclosed by her family members. 

Lara Parker's husband 
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Lara Parker husband 

Lara Parker’s personal life was also very beautiful and her romantic life was successful till her death. She got married to building contractor Jim Hawkins in 1985 and they both were together till her passing. The couple were happily married and the couple have a daughter together named Caitlin Elizabeth Hawkins. It

was her second marriage and previously she was married to artist Tom Parker in 1966 but their marriage didn’t work out and they got divorce in 1974. She has two sons from a previous marriage mamed Rick and Andy. She managed her personal and professional life very well and she handled all the ups and downs very strongly.

Lara Parker’s life and career

Lara Parker was born on 27th October 1938, in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. She started her acting career during the time of early 1960s when she got some small roles in many TV series like “The Defenders,” “Route 66,” and “Ben Casey.” After all that when she played the role of Angelique in “Dark Shadows”, it

went superhit and she became popular amongst her fans. The series continued for a long time from 1966 to 1971 and it was very popular with audiences and Parker’s negative role of witch gave her immense popularity.

After this successful series, she had done many recurring roles in popular series like “Kung Fu,” “Columbo,” and “The Incredible Hulk”. She also worked in films like “The Witches of Eastwick ” (1987) and “The Eyes of Laura Mars” (1978). She was very active in her work and constantly doing many shows and films. 

Lara Parker’s death and Net Worth

Lara Parker’s death news is really shocking and sad for the whole entertainment industry and they are tributing her for the contract she gave to the industry. She was a successful actress and a wonderful personality and she also was very successful in her career. Her Net Worth at the time of her death was

about $1 million, that is her income from various works she has done till her long career. Her death is still not disclosed by the family members but it is assumed as an age factor as the actress was very aged and it could become a possibility.


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