Katalin Novak Salary: Where Will Katalin Novak Going After Resign To Hungary President? Details Explored!

Katalin Novak Salary: Katalin Novak is the current president of Hungary who has been serving in this position since 2022. She is renowned and the first lady to hold the position of the president of Hungary. She is also considered the youngest one to hold the Hungarian presidency at the age of 44 years. She is extremely talented and was been serving as a member of the National Assembly from 2018 to 2021 and then she took the honor of becoming the first-ever lady president of Hungary. Here we have all the information about Katalin Novak’s Salary and her resignation from the Hungarian presidency. 

Katalin Novak Salary
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Katalin Novak Salary

Katalin Novak has achieved huge success and recognition as a Hungarian politician. She made a huge name and after becoming the president of Hungary, her career took a next-level turn. Being the first woman and youngest president of a country, she gained huge recognition. Talking about her salary, she had an amount of £10,141.00 on an annual basis and her monthly income was £845.08. She was earning £39.00 daily and £195.02 every week.

Her total Net worth after this successful career is around $5 to $7 Million as of 2024. She is an example of a great lady to the entire nation and her hard work and efforts put colours to her success at a very early age.

Katalin Novak Resignation From Presidency 

Katalin Novak has resigned from her position of presidency and she is no longer the president of Hungary. She resigned on 10th February and has not worked for the position since 12 February 2024. She got into a corruption scandal in early 2024 for which she is fighting and it is linked to her 2024 presidential pardon with Endre Konya. 

Endre Konya is serving his imprisonment due to his involvement in a pedophilia case implicating the orphanage’s director. There is no official information available regarding her next career Move and what she will do after this step.

Katalin Novak Life And Career 

Katalin Novak Salary
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Katalin Novak was born on 6th September 1977 in Szeged, Hungary. She has completed her graduation in economics from Corvinus University Of Budapest and law at the University of Szeged. He started her career working at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and later in 2010, she became the ministerial advisor. 

In 2014, she became State secretary for family of youth affairs and the minister of family affairs in October 2020. In 2021, Prime Minister Victor Urban announced that she would also be nominated for the 2022 presidential election, and on 10th March 2022, she won the election and became the first woman in Hungarian history to hold that position. 


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