JESSICA SIMPSON’S Recent Instagram Video Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit, Why Are Her Fans Worried About Her?

Jessica Simsons who is a singer and an influencer as well who posts about her life online is now a concern for many people online s she posted a video of her and many people were really concerned for her and the way she looked and talked in the video. It was seen that she posted the video with sponsorship but the video was, in fact, an eye-pleasing thing as it had the most comfortable interiors for her daughter. Jessica was off social media for a  time and when she posted a video she seemed a bit different all of a sudden which concerned her fans. Let us learn more in detail about what all this fuss is all about and why there is a sudden change in Jessica. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Jessica Simsons Recent Instagram Video

Jessica Simsons Recent Instagram Video

Jessica on the 3rd of November 2022 posted a video about her child’s interiors or the interior of her child’s room and she got a lot of appreciation for the design and for the colours as well. the video also showed how greatly the room was designed overall. Jessica’s daughter who is just 3 is now finally in her new room. This room tour was posted on Jessica’s Instagram page and it was a collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids who design various kids’ rooms and also give a very classy, extravagant, and also subtle look as well. The video showcased Jessica’s daughter as well and she also was happy in the video with her room.

Jessica Simsons Recent Instagram Viral Video

Jessica who was wearing a leopard print shirt or top in her video seemed a bit lean and she was sounding a bit weak too. Her langue would be a bit fast and she was a bit chubbier as well. This video alarmed her fans and they were concerned for her health. Many in the comment section asked about her drastic weight loss and also about why her health declined as well. Speaking about the video, Jessica was seen appreciating pottery barn kids for the geometric walls and she added that she was drawn by the geometric wall prints and the colour scheme as well. She says that the walls and the colours were really Birdie’s personality.

Why Are Jessica Simsons Fans Worried About Her?

Fans were fascinated to see the drastic change in Jessica. They were very shocked to see her in such a figure-hugging dress and that too in a very lean poster as well. Jessica was appreciated for her work but she was asked about her weight very often in the posted video’s comment section. Many asked about her health and if she was okay with going through any condition because she had her weight change in a very less period which was shocking. While many supported her with the weight that she now had, many questioned her and were concerned for her. There were two parties basically in the comment section who supported her and were concerned for her.

One of the netizens commented saying that she is concerned for Jessica, while another person commented saying that she looks weak. Most of the people said that she was looking fantastic with the figure that she gained. While many people supported her saying that it is her problem to gain weight or to lose weight and many criticized the ones who were body shaming Jessica and mocking her for the weight loss that she is now seeing getting in a rapid amount and in no time as well. One of them said that it is not her fault and she might be having an eating disorder.


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