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Ishq Par Zor Nahin 8th June 2021 Full Episode Update, Check Latest Spoiler!

So here is the latest scene that begins with the Mehta family as they are feeling that they have blown up. Dadi gets some information about Ahaan to Rhea. She reviews Ahaan and Ishqi together however misleads Dadi that he is conversing with the chief. Dadi feels that Rhea deceiving everybody. Karthik says to Sonu that after the capacity, he is going to meet Ishqi. Sonu says that she as well. Then again, Ishqi contacts her quarter and ponders whatever occurred. Ishqi’s Mosa Ji sends an instant message to her Maasi and she gets stressed considering his to be as he composed that soon he will be before them.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin 8th June 2021

Ishq Par Zor Nahin 8th June 2021 Full Episode

Then again, Mosa Ji questions the supervisor about Ishqi and Ahaan sees this. Mosaji additionally sees him begin claiming to really focus on Ishqi. Ahaan believes that Ishqi is the person who separated her Mos..a and Maasi Ji from one another. The Supervisor attempts to advise Ahaan that Ishqi revealed to them she doesn’t need him close to her family yet Ahaan doesn’t pay attention to him. Here, then, at that point, Ahaan goes to his committee work. Everybody appears to be content and snaps pictures together. The supervisor is going to go to Ishqi and enlighten her regarding her uncle yet he gets going with some other work. Ahaan sees that the director is attempting to advise Ishqi by his staff part.

Therefore Ahaan senses something off-putting and chooses to secure Ishqi. Dadi comes to him and requests to click pictures. He goes. On the opposite side mausa ji lifts his hand on Maasi and Ishqi. Mosa Ji requests to disappear from their lives. He is going to assault Ishqi with stone however Ahaan comes and halted him. He asks how set out to lift hands-on Ishqi. Mosaji likewise uncovers that she was the person who took the ring. Ahaan feels awful as he misconstrued Ishqi. Ishqi comes to him and requests that he leave.

Later some moment, the event finished. In the night Ahaan is intoxicated and contemplating Ishqi. He says that Ishqi was rarely off-base. Rhea comes to Ahaan. He causes her to sit close to him and says sorry to her. He reveals to her that he has such a lot of responsibility. She says it’s fine. Ahaan envisions Ishqi in Rhea and says to her that he will ensure her consistently. He will be there for her consistently. While saying this, she rested unexpectedly. Then, at that moment, Rhea says that she realizes that he cherishes Ishqi yet he can’t do anything. Watch the latest scene of your favorite serial “Ishq Par Zor Nahin” on Sony Entertainment television at 09:30 PM IST and for more latest updates on Entertainment News just stay connected with TheGossipsWorld.


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