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Live: Ishq Par Zor Nahin 20th July 2021, Ahaan Meets Her Mother, Check Today’s Full Episode Written Update

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Ishq Par Zor Nahin today’s episode of 20th July 2021 is all sets to telecast on your tv screens, so we are here to provide you the latest written update on the show, Therefore the first scene starts with Ahaan is vexed and he is feeling terrible for Ishani ass she needs to deal with various issues because of her. Yet, then, at that point, he goes to his bedroom and understands that Ishani is dealing with an issue and he advised her. Then, at that point, Ishani makes him quiet by saying that “he doesn’t have to reprimand himself for whatever is going on.” {Ishq Par Zor Nahin 19th July 2021 Full Episode Written Update, Sarla & Raj Have Fought With Each Other}

Ishq Par Zor Nahin 20th July 2021

Ishq Par Zor Nahin 20th July 2021 Full Episode

Then later we would go to witness that Ishani & Ahana two of them make an honest effort to tackle the issue together. Also, they would go to get the arrangement. They are a most several the crowd and this would demonstrate very soon. As the issues in their day-to-day living would be addressed by the two of them together. This is the most fascinating thing to watch with regards to the sequential. Later Ishiqi uses to embrace Ahaan and the two of them get enthusiastic. Ahaan reveals to her that “I realize you are lamenting the choice of getting hitched to me as since the day we get hitched you are in difficulty.”

Later then he moreover added that spouse wife uses to remain cheerful later wedding, they hung out, they use to blessing each other extraordinary things and they even live joyfully. However, I use to give you new issues and stresses. Then, at that point, Ishqi answers that “there is nothing similar to what you are discussing.” she causes him to feel good.

Therefore when talking about the last scene so, we have observed that Ahaan meets her mom and he stalls out in an arrangement. Yet, this was all part of the arrangement of Ishiqi as she needs to take Ahaan and his mom together. Later we would see that Dadi is attempting to add pills to Savotri’s food. Yet, Ishiqi watches it. Moreover, she figures out how to stop her from having the tea. Then again, we will see that Kartik calls her sister and advise her that Riya is in the medical clinic once more. Savitri is verified inclination uncomfortable piece Ishiqi figures out how to deal with the circumstance before her wellbeing turns out to be most noticeably terrible. What’s more, the scene finishes here, and to know more about this show then stream it on your tv screens at 9:30 PM IST only on Sony Entertainment Television and for additional insights stay in touch with TheGossipsWorld.


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