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How To Get Free Intros In Overwatch 2 Thanksgiving Weekend? Double XP, Bonuses, Twitch Drops & More!

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After various glitches and complaints overwatch is finally making its way and the fans were excited to play the game. Earlier there were many complaints from the players of overwatch and there were many errors occurring in the launch as well. Servers as well were facing massive pressure from launching time and the timelines as well. Now as the game has launched there are certain festive changes that are implanted in the game which is time limited. Now, as the thanksgiving season is ongoing the makers have decided that they will release their overwatch thanksgiving special weekend in which players can unlock exciting offers. Stay tuned as we covered everything related to the new festive addition.

Overwatch 2 Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights

Overwatch 2 Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights

Highlight intro is added in the new version of this game and Kiriko has this intro in the game, while the game is available from December 27th and December 1st of this year. There are certain rewards in the game that can be unlocked if the player logs into the game in the above-mentioned period. For eth season 1 of this game as thanksgiving is on its mark, makers have added the double XP period for all of this thanksgiving season. Speaking of what it includes, for the players the makers have added Genji Skin which is mythical, and also many other rewards which we will discuss now. Apart from that, there are many rewards as well.

Overwatch 2 Thanksgiving Weekend Bonuses

Speaking about Kiriko that is introduced in the game, as it is newly launched the gamers with a premium passes will be able to access it earlier than the ones who ae here for a free play. Earlier the game only supported five players while now the game supports six players in one team and they will be able to put more characters and enhance their gaming experience. Although it is unclear for how many days the thanksgiving special offers and also features will be available but it seems like it will be viable during the thanksgiving and initiatives this weekend. Most probably these features will be available until eh early December.

How To Get Free Intros In Overwatch 2 Thanksgiving Weekend?

Apart from all the thanksgiving stuff, the Black Friday sale is also on and it can be accessed through Activision Blizzard’s website. Watchpoint pack and other titles as well are available to be accessed through this sale. Speaking the cost of the pack it is around 39.99 dollars and as there is a sale ongoing the pack will be available at a discount of 40% off and also there are certain rewards as well. There is plenty of content and also features which can be unlocked through these features while the game releases more of its features. As this season is still on, more battle passes can be unlocked through these features.

Speaking about the heroes in the game, then there are 35 heroes in the game and they can be unlocked by unlocking the packs which include new skins which are mythical and legendary as well. As said earlier the ones with the premium version of the game can access it easily and earlier and the pass should be from the first season while it also should consist of 2000 premium currency in it. If you are interested in getting more passes than skins then this currency can also be used to get more two passes rather than the skin, as this can be an easier way to access more features.


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