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EXPLAINED: One Piece Chapter 1052 Exposes Death, Ashura One Piece Dead, What Happened At The End?

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Hey comic readers, we are once again back with some information about “One Piece Chapter 1052”. The fans are keen and looking forward to knowing the details of the leaked information in the forthcoming chapter 1052. This blog will help you to get some information about the upcoming chapter. The last chapter was quite fascinating to read as the last chapter brings the Harmony Arc near to a natural conclusion in the manga, with Big Mom and Kaido swimming in lava. Now that the incursion is a big success, it is easier to watch the status of a particular character. The inhabitants of Huadu disappeared as they viewed the survivors of the raid on Ghost Island. The writer, Eiichiro Oda launches another hit that was Chapter no. 1051. The chapter starts with 9 red color armors going along with the hidden Hiyori and Kozuki Momonosuke, enclosed by a lot of smoke. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

One Piece Chapter 1052 Exposes Death

One Piece Chapter 1052 Exposes Death

Once all the dust and smoke settled down, the character Kinemon was seen doing good. This is the character of Kinemon who attacked Kaido, particularly on his head, and chopped the head. The chapter concludes with the teaser which featured that Momo will resume being familiar as the legend shogun. It is really suitable that he is only just 20 years old. But the fans missed two characters in the last chapter that were Ashura-Doko and Izzo. Both are the most significant characters in the ongoing raids of anime. We watched the character Shutenmaru or Ashura-Doji last time at the castle where the Akizaku Nine or Nine Akane were getting back from their 1st meeting with Kaido on the terrace.

One Piece Chapter 1052: Ashura One-Piece Dead

One of the paintings of Kanjuro copies the rejuvenated Kozuki Oden but the character Ashura-doko really did a brilliant job of watching through the trick. His final arrival in the chapter views him assailing the drawing as he blows up, flooding him within the radius of exploitation. Talking about Izzo, he was last watched safeguarding Usopp from the attack of pirates as he attempted to save Kikuchi and Kinemon. The entire chapter was full of drama and the readers read the tough and fascinating battle between the characters.

After a great fight with the Beast Pirates, the character Izzo takes charge of the CPO agents who played vital roles in chapter 1051. Both the characters vanished when the scabbard comes up in the thick in the last chapter of One Piece. Not only this but the castle of Chrysanthemum was insensible comes up. One of the highest criticism of Eiichiro Ofa is that he hardly assassinated the characters. It will be quite fascinating to watch if Big Mom and Kaido are actually handed away or just disabled. Stay tuned with us for upcoming updates.


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