Who Is “Drew Harris Wife” Jane Harris? Children & Family!

Drew Harris Wife: Drew Harris, also known as Jeremy Andrew Harris, is a prominent figure in law enforcement. Born on April 5, 1965, in Belfast, United Kingdom, Drew Harris has had a remarkable career in policing, marked by dedication, leadership, and resilience. 

Drew Harris Wife
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Who Is Drew Harris’s Wife” Jane Harris?

Drew Harris is a complete family man and he is married and well-settled with his wife Jane Harris. They both have four children together and are living a well-settled life. There is not much more information available regarding Jane Harris and her personal life. She is a private person and they both keep their family life personal.

Drew Harris Family

Drew Harris hails from a family deeply connected to law enforcement. His father, Alwyn Harris, held a senior position in the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC). Tragically, in 1989, Alwyn Harris fell victim to a heinous act when he was murdered by the Provisional IRA. This disturbing incident of his life pulled him to give a permanent commitment to public service and law enforcement. 

Drew Harris Career

Drew Harris’s journey in law enforcement began in 1983 when he joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC). Over the years, he demonstrated unwavering dedication and remarkable leadership qualities, steadily climbing the ranks within the force.

A significant turning point in his career came in October 2014 when Drew assumed the role of Deputy Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). During his tenure, he has done a huge and remarkable work overseeing law enforcement operations in Northern Ireland and contributed significantly to the region’s peace and security.

A Historic Appointment

In June 2018, Drew Harris achieved a historic milestone when he was appointed as the new Commissioner of the Garda Síochána in the Republic of Ireland. Notably, he became the first Commissioner selected from outside the ranks of the Garda Síochána, signifying the trust and confidence placed in his abilities.

Drew Harris’s leadership was especially crucial given the challenges faced by the Gardaí, including various scandals and controversies. He officially assumed office in September 2018, succeeding Dónall Ó Cualáin, who had served as acting Garda Commissioner following the resignation of Nóirín O’Sullivan in September 2017.

Facing Challenges With Resolve

Drew Harris’s tenure as Garda Commissioner was not without its challenges. In July 2023, the Garda Representative Association conducted a vote of no-confidence in him, primarily related to roster disputes. After facing all these challenges,

Drew stated that he is not going to leave this position whether he receives votes or not. But eventually, the votes were 98.7% in favor of him highlighting the depth of concerns among the rank and file of the Gardaí.


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