Did Justin Fields Parents Ivant Fields And Gina Tobey Influence Him For His Successful Football Career?

Justin Fields Parents: Of all names in relation to the NFL, there are a handful, and among them is Justin Fields. With his amazing talent and iron-willed nature, this Chicago Bears quarterback has captivated the hearts of football fans throughout the country. 

Who Are Justin Fields Parents Ivant Fields And Gina Tobey?
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Who Are Justin Fields Parents Ivant Fields And Gina Tobey?

However, for each great man of sport, there is an even greater family background that helps them along the way, as in Justin’s case where his mother, Gina Tobey, and father, Ivant Fields. This particular article takes us closer to the parents of Justin Fields and investigates how their influence contributed to him becoming a renowned football player.

Who Is Justin Fields?

Before exploring how other people have influenced Justin’s NFL stardom, it is significant to know how it all started for Justin. Justin Skyler Fields entered this world on the fifth day of March 1999, at Kennesaw, Georgia. It was apparent at an early age that he had a close relationship with football. By virtue of his giftedness and love for the game, he was preordained to write one of the best sports stories in history.

Guiding Justin College Choice

To be precise, Tobey’s mother has been a major source of strength for Justin Fields. Her dedication to his dream came through despite having been separated from Ivant Field. The selection of college played a significant role in Justin’s career. 

However, it was Gina who actually encouraged him to join the University of Georgia for college football. It is thanks to her leadership, since at the University of Georgia the football game was considered a good one which helped the boy to become who is now.

A Mother Unwavering Support

As a child, Justin always had somebody there in the form of care and support who could help build his character as an athletic pro. She was present in his life through thick and thin even when he took a step away from the field of football. Through her relentless backing, Justin built a career around this.

A Former College Football Player

The uniqueness of the journey of Justin’s football was brought by his biological father whose name if Ivant Fields. Before he became a writer, Ivan Fields was a linebacker in Eastern Kentucky College Football. Though he did not make the NFL himself, that knowledge was enormously useful to Justin’s first tentative steps in the game.

A Career In Public Service

Fields, Ivant opted for another line of work after college football times. In 1992, he became a part of the Atlanta Police Service which took over twenty years of his faithfulness of service. Through his work in public service as Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research, Justin’s father has shown his character and instilled strong morals into his son Justin. Justin’s father has two daughters from remarriage after his mother’s death, Jaiden and Jessica Fields

The Influence On Justin’s Career

Even though they were separated, Gina Tobey and Ivant Fields provided a conducive environment in which Justin thrived. Both of his parents were involved in raising him while he developed a strong relationship with his half-sisters, Jessica and Jaiden Fields. He was also accompanied at times by NFL games which united them together and gave him the push forward.

Shaping A Rising Star

Justin’s career was largely influenced by Gina Tobey and Ivant Fields. The successes of Marcus’ football career were grounded on the advice that Gina gave her brother, Marcus, on choosing the right institution, as well as the fact that Ivante brought him to football at an earlier age. Justin’s drive and work ethic on and off the field are the result of a strong family bond and values that were imparted to him by his parents.


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