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DETAILS: Why Did Twitch Streamer BagelGooseFF Gets Banned From Final Fantasy XIV Mid Stream? Reason Explained!

As we all know Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida recalled admirers that 3rd-party tools are opposed to the norms of the game but BagelGooseFF a Twitch streamer used the 3rd party tool when he was live on the game stream. After breaking the rules, a Master of Game detaches the streamer in the middle of the encounter, landed them in participant prison, and not only this banned their account. From now on, there are no details have been reported that informed how much time the gamer will remain suspended. Keep on reading to know more about the banning and the consequence of breaking the rules. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

BagelGooseFF Gets Banned From Final Fantasy XIV Mid Stream

BagelGooseFF Gets Banned From Final Fantasy XIV Mid Stream

The creators have stated previously that they never support for 3rd party tools that can be applied during the game as it is against the norms of the rules. With the Reprise of Dragonsong, there were several tensions and anguishes about players using this kind of third-party tool. As per the reports, the case of BagelGooseFF falls into “changeover of the UI to depict additional details,” and “any public statement and actions that encourage the use of the 3rd party tools,” as it was found on the stream of the gamer.

As per the reports, the Twitch streamer was serving on advancement in Dragonsong’s Reprise (Ultimate), and also it was visible from their gaming stream configuration, also there were 3rd party tools in use. After that, the streamer was detached from the mid-combat of the raid encounter and transmitted to a vacant space from which he could not be capable to leave. It was quite visible that was happening, one and the other in the chat of the streamer and also to the Twitch streamer himself. The party members of the stream observed that they have not aimed him mid-night, and then noted what he stated. After a few moments, a Master of the Game viewed up and suspended the streamer of Twitch.

As per the information, the use of 3rd party tools in Final Fantasy XIV was seen in the grey area. Individuals used them, but as extended as the streamers were not noted in the match and not displayed on streamlets, it was ok. While with the crackdown of the creators, it is completely obvious that any kind of the 3rd party tools stands not permitted in the game. As soon as the news of the banning surfaced on the web, one user of Reddit recalled to the crowd that a streamer from Japan was too suspended for a similar thing.


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