DETAILS: Who Is Brandon Manyo Dixon? Two British Men Shot Dead In Venice, Suspect Identified & Arrested!

An argument that turned into a physical fight and that turned into a crime soon. This crime occurred in Venice. We are here talking about a shooting incident that occurred in Venice when two tourists were shot brutally and then the suspect fled the place. Police later were investigating and months after that occurred the suspect is finally getting recognized by the police and now, is getting searched as well. Police released the footage in which the suspect was seen and pictures of him as well were released in the media by the LAPD. Stay tuned as we covered this deadly news where the shooter is romancing freely in Venice and police are searching for him. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Two British Men Shot Dead In Venice CCTV Footage

Two British Men Shot Dead In Venice CCTV Footage

A surveillance camera whose footage is now released into the media showcases the suspect carrying a gun and running into the public to shoot the victims. This incident occurred back in the summer and the police released this footage in order to catch the criminal who shot two people in Venice. Venice is a holiday destination for many people around the world and many people visit this place in lakhs every year during summer. Drugs, crime, and murders are the common crimes that occur here although police are trying their best, efforts fail when incidents occur all of a sudden. Speaking of this incident the suspect, in this case, is identified as Brandon Manyo Dixon.

Two British Men Shot Dead In Venice Details

During Summer 2022, in July particular, Venice was crowded and in a bar, Brandon was along with his friends and was enjoying his night when he got into a conversation which was kind of debate earlier but soon turned into an argument. This incident occurred on the 30th of July 2022. Video released now showcases that Brandon is romancing in the public with him having a gun in his hand and he was walking in rage. Police have asked to report if anyone finds this person around them. The video showed that Brandon was walking towards the two British men with a gun in his hands and he later shot those two men.

Who Is Brandon Manyo Dixon?

Brandon was involved in a fight with the two British men and this argument turned into a physical fight soon. Brandon in anger shot the two British men and ran away from that place. Also, there was one of Brandon’s friends in this incident whose details are not given out by the police. Although it can be seen that the shooter was none other than Brandon and the bullet was from that shotgun that Brandon carried that day. The victims survived the injuries but they suffered major injuries and were admitted to the hospital immediately. Police added that the victims suffered significant wounds from those gunshots.

Brandon’s crime was captured through a surveillance camera and police have released the footage from that incident on the internet and in media as well. Police have clearly asked civilians to contact police if they see Brandon anywhere around and they have also asked people to stay away from him as he can be dangerous and can also have weapons as well. Pictures of Brandon were released online and on the sites of various LAPD websites and their social handles as well. Police are eagerly looking for Brandon all over the place.


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