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DETAILS: What Happened To Dinos And Soso Maness? French Rappers Car Accident Video Viral On Social Media!

In an unfortunate event Dinos and Soso Manes, rappers have gone through an accident. The video of the accident is getting viral on the internet. The video later was shared on many social media platforms, and it went viral. Many people who saw the video are in doubt as to what happened to the rappers and how they went through an accident. If you are one of the fans of the rapper then you should probably know that the rapper went through an accident. The video of the two was not shot, it was actually considered a leak because when the accident occurred there was a live stream ongoing, and all of a sudden the car hit someone and the screen was blank. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Dinos And Soso Maness Car Accident Video

What Happened To Dinos And Soso Maness?

The rapper Soso Manes, was live-streaming when he visited his rapper friend Dinos, and it is said that he flew from his hometown to meet his friend. When they were together in a car, the rapper Soso was lice streaming and the other rapper Dinos was driving the car, and when the accident occurred. The video of this incident has been widely shared and viewed as people are more curious to know what actually happened? The video has been widely shared on social media, and on Twitter as well. People who didn’t know about the video are searching on the internet about it.

Dinos And Soso Maness Car Accident Video

The rappers are from France. The video on Twitter starts with Soso holding on to the camera and he was talking with his fans, all of a sudden, the car got hit, and the video goes blank, but loud thud noises are heard been heard. Then the 12-second video closes. The video has gained many likes, Tweets, retweets, and shares. As of now, no information regarding the condition of the rappers is out. Also, people are saying that a video was played during the live stream. Some are speculating that the accident was not real and some are saying that it was real indeed.

Dinos And Soso Maness: Dead Or Still Alive?

We cannot predict anything until a clear confirmation from the rappers or from their teams is received. Also, Jules Jomby is the real name of Dinos and he is 28 years now, and his origins are from La Courneuve, France. And, Sofein Hakin Manessour is the real name of Soso Maness. He probably shortened his name. He is a French rapper and has Algerian descent. Both of them are born in France.


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