DETAILS: How Did Pastor Ezekiel Atang Die? What Was His Cause Of Death? Obituary & Funeral!

Hello, friends again today came with a new hot thought. A pastor is a man or woman who preaches in a church. He/She is also called an evangelist. There are many people who are well known in their respective positions and by the name of ‘Pastor’ in the world of Christianity. However, there are some people whose names are very unknown because they work in the shadows and do not see the light of the day. Pastor Ezekiel Atang is one of such people whose name is not very common at all. As we grow older, the years and the people we know become fewer. But, those we meet and know, think of us in a special way. For those who knew Pastor Ezekiel Atang, he was one of those special people who died too young at the age of 28. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!

Pastor Ezekiel Atang Death Reason

Pastor Ezekiel Atang Death Reason

Born on 13th April 1994 to Reverend Pio Atang and Mrs. Angela Puno Atang, Pastor Ezekiel graduated from San Beda College with a degree in Information Technology. However, he chose to pursue graduate studies at the University of San Martín de Perú’s Faculty of Communication Studies to master his career in public relations and journalism. There is a need to know more about the viral news that has made headlines today. Pastor Ezekiel Atang’s death was reported to be due to health reasons, but there are many questions that still remain unanswered. The story of Chinedu Okunnu, a pastor from Imo State, has been a subject of controversy, mostly because of his death.

Pastor Ezekiel Atang Obituary & Funeral

The case has been somewhat confusing to some people but most Nigerians share the belief that the pastor’s sudden death is not natural. In April this year, he fell ill while in an undisclosed hospital in Lagos and was rushed to a hospital in Benin City due to his condition deteriorating. It was at the hospital that he died. His friends and colleagues including James Atumah and Pastor Adeoye Oyedepo have been speculating on what brought the popular pastor to a premature demise. The name  Pastor Ezekiel Atang has been familiar to people living in Nairobi and environs since a year ago. He is a pastor of God’s House International Mission Centre who published a book titled ” I’m Not Dead Because God Has Great Plans For Me “.

Pastor Ezekiel Atang Wikipedia Biography

He died on 30th May after combatting a rare disease for more than six months and leaves behind his parents, wife, and four children. Let’s know about his life, and how he preached to thousands from his hospital bed. Ezekiel Atang became a household name in India when his followers, the Fundis, decided to call themselves by his name and claim that he was a prophet. the controversial prophet and spiritual leader started falling apart. This was probably indicative of leadership that not just failed to deliver great results but also caused some blips in their followers’ lives.


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