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DEBUNKED: Archie Battersby Blackout Challenges Video Tiktok, What Happened, Dead or Alive, Death Rumors Hoax!

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A piece f news is upcoming from London that a boy who was on the Life support system will now be turned off. The parents are in shock and they are asking the government that they should continue the system. We are here talking about Archie Battersby who is 12 years old as of now and he is currently on a life support system as suffered brain damage in early April after which he is going through treatments at the hospital as of now the government has decided to turn off the life support for which his parents are not agreeing. Let us know more about what happened and why the London Court has given such a statement.   Britain’s court passed out a statement in which they said that the life support system of Archie should be turned off as the boy is brain steam dead and that he should be taken off the ventilator. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Was Archie Battersby?

Who Was Archie Battersby?

The boy is at the London Hospital In East London. The boy is just 2 years old and his parents are saying that despite the brain of the boy not responding, his heart is still beating and they wanted to treat the boy. Apart from that, the High Court Arbuthnot said that he believes that the doctors should stop treating the boy as he is already brain stem dead and he died on the afternoon of 31st May 2022. HE should be taken off the ventilator. Despite that Archie’s mother said that she is devastated by the judgment of the court and that the family will appeal to the court for the boy’s treatment. While on the other Attorney Archie’s parents have said to High Court Arbuthnot that they should recheck what is best for the children and especially for Archie.

Was Archie Battersby Dead Or Alive?

They should think about Archie’s best interest. While the court said that the boy fell in early April and was bran stem dead in May. Despite that, the boy has not gained consciousness after the incident and apart from getting treated. While the attorney of Archies mother said that the heart of the boy is still beating which declares that he is still alive and the hospital should continue his treatment. Archie’s mother also said that her son held her hand once and she also said that she is devastated by the judgment passed by the court. She said I am devastated by the judgment.

Archie Battersby: Funeral & Obituary

No one can declare him dead based on an MRI scan. She said that it is the first time someone is getting declared dead based on the MRI scan. The young boy was about to perform on TikTok but he strangled himself in his shoelace and fell while hitting his head and going unconscious. The incident occurred on the 7th of April 2022, and since then he is in a coma. After getting hit on his head he was laid down until his parents found him motionless at home. After that, he was admitted to the hospital and the rest is history. despite the parent’s requests, the court passed the statement although Archie’s parents are trying their best to not let that happen.


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