Is Jenny Bean Dave Courtney Wife, Really! Former Gangster Dies At 64

Dave Courtney Wife: Dave Courtney has a popular name from being a gangster to an author and his life was full of controversies. He was born on 17th March, 1959, in Bermondsey, London. His journey is very much remarkable and known from getting out of many crimes to become a successful celebrity. He is also very much rumoured for his marriage and his children. Here we have the complete story of Dave Courtney and his life and how it turned out to be a successful author and what happened in his personal life. 

Dave Courtney
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Dave Courtney Wife

Dave Courtney was married to Jenny Bean and it is one of  the biggest controversies of his life. The couple chose to keep their personal life out of the public eye, with Dave rarely discussing it in the media. While there are speculations that Jenny Bean is a rapper, her exact profession remains unclear, and there is limited information about her musical career online.

It was also rumored that Dave Courtney and JennyBean have two daughters together and their names are Courtney Courtney and Lillie Eliza Berry, as reported by But the truth behind their children is still unknown and nobody knows about it because his personal life is extremely private.

Dave Courtney Criminal Record

Dave Courtney’s life story is very complicated as well as interesting because how he turns out to be a successful author from a criminal is all the transformation he did in his life. He was born and raised in London and from there he entered into the world of crime, rubbing shoulders with notorious figures like Reggie Kray and Lenny McLean. The most popular connection was with organizing security at Reggie Kray’s funeral in 1995 that made him the popular figure in London’s criminal underworld.

Dave Courtney
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Courtney’s criminal past was marked by incidents of violence, including being shot, stabbed, and even having his nose bitten off, only to be reattached. He often claimed to have spent time in Belmarsh Prison as a high-security prisoner, a claim supported by ex-prison guard Jim Dawkins.

Dave Courtney Author Work

Despite his criminal history, Dave Courtney managed to break free from his past. He transitioned from a life of crime to become a recognized author, publishing six books that offered readers a glimpse into his tumultuous past, which included stories of violence, survival, and encounters with the criminal elite.

Dave’s storytelling extended beyond the written word. He starred in his own film titled “Hell To Pay” and frequently appeared in television documentaries, sharing his experiences and discussing his criminal past. His unique life journey made him a compelling figure in the world of entertainment.

While Dave Courtney’s transformation from a gangster to an author and actor is inspiring, his claims about his criminal record have faced skepticism. Former members of the Richardson gang, Bernard O’Mahoney and Frankie Fraser, accused Courtney of fabricating and embellishing his past, a charge that Courtney vehemently denied.

Dave Courtney: FAQ

Who Was Dave Courtney?

Dave Courtney was a popular Underworld Gangster of London who later transformed to be a successful author and celebrity.

Who Was Dave Courtney’s Wife?

Dave Courtney’s Wife Was Jenny Bean.

What Was Dave Courtney’s Age?

Dave Courtney died at the age of 64 years.

What was Dave Courtney’s film name?

Dave Courtney directed a film with his own written story named Hell to Pay.


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