Commissioned Review Results In 45 Recommendations For Prince Albert Police Department

In a groundbreaking development, the Saskatchewan government recently released a list of 45 recommendations resulting from an independent review of the Prince Albert Police Service. These recommendations, which were made public on Tuesday morning, aim to revolutionize policing practices, discipline policies, and overall operations within the service. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Background and Purpose of the Review
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Background and Purpose of the Review

The catalyst for this comprehensive review was a series of incidents that raised serious concerns about the conduct and practices of the Prince Albert Police Service. In 2021 alone, the service experienced three in-custody deaths, and in 2022, the tragic death of 13-month-old Tanner Brass further highlighted the urgency for reform.

The gravity of these events prompted Christine Tell, the minister of corrections, policing, and public safety, to initiate the independent review in the fall. The objective was to investigate the root causes of these incidents and identify areas where improvements were essential.

Unveiling the Recommendations

Leading the review was Rod Knecht, a highly esteemed former chief of the Edmonton Police Service. After months of thorough examination, Knecht presented his findings to Minister Tell in the spring, which subsequently resulted in the release of 45 recommendations.

Focusing on Administrative and Policy-oriented Measures

The recommendations primarily concentrate on enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Prince Albert Police Service and its adjacent bodies, particularly the city’s police board of commissioners. Key areas of improvement include:

1. Strengthening the Criminal Investigation Division

One noteworthy recommendation is the enhancement of the service’s criminal investigation division. The goal here is to ensure that serious crimes beyond homicides receive the attention they deserve. By allocating more resources and expertise to address these critical cases, the police service can significantly bolster its investigative capabilities.

2. Developing Comprehensive Job Descriptions

Another crucial aspect addressed by the recommendations is the need for detailed job descriptions for every position within the service. By establishing clear responsibilities and expectations for each rank, the police service can streamline its operations and promote greater accountability among its personnel.

3. Implementing a Risk-management Program

Surprisingly, the review revealed that the Prince Albert Police Service lacked a formal risk-management program. To address this deficiency, the recommendations underscore the importance of developing and implementing such a program. By proactively identifying potential risks and taking appropriate measures to mitigate them, the service can foster a safer environment for both officers and the community they serve.

4. Ensuring Regular Annual Assessments

In a notable observation, the review indicated that former police Chief Jon Bergen had not received an annual assessment as required under police commission policy. The recommendations call for a systematic approach to conducting annual assessments for all personnel to ensure ongoing professional development and performance evaluation.

Emphasizing Proactivity and Intelligence-driven Operations

One of the critical takeaways from the review is the need for the Prince Albert Police Service to transition from a reactive approach to a more proactive and intelligence-driven one. This transformation necessitates two crucial components:

1. Analyzing Crime Trends and Targeting Investigations

To foster a proactive approach to law enforcement, Knecht emphasized the importance of investing in personnel and software to analyze crime trends. By leveraging data-driven insights, the police service can focus its resources on high-priority areas and implement strategic investigative strategies.

2. Comprehensive Policy Review

The review underscored the significance of updating the service’s policing policies to align with current industry standards while addressing the complexities of gateway communities. To achieve this, Knecht recommended studying the policies of similar northern Canadian communities, such as Thompson, Man, and adopting best practices that suit the unique needs of Prince Albert.

Commitment to Implementing the Recommendations

Interim police Chief Patrick Nogier responded to the release of the recommendations with unwavering dedication to their implementation. Acknowledging that the changes suggested will have a significant impact on the service’s operations and finances, Nogier remains determined to adopt these reforms effectively and efficiently, with the ultimate goal of better serving the community.

Collaboration between the Police Service and the Board of Police Commissioners

The successful implementation of the recommendations hinges on seamless cooperation between the Prince Albert Police Service and the board of police commissioners. Several recommendations involve both institutions working together, such as:

1. Ensuring Effective Inquests

In light of the three in-custody deaths in 2021, the review highlighted the importance of conducting independent coroner’s inquests. By collaborating closely, both the police service and the board can ensure that the recommendations resulting from these inquests are diligently integrated into police policies and practices.

2. Developing a Strategic Plan

To facilitate more cohesive decision-making, the board of police commissioners has been recommended to develop a comprehensive three-year strategic plan. This plan will serve as a guiding framework, enabling the board to address long-term objectives and prioritize initiatives that align with the community’s needs.

3. Enhancing Governance Model

The board of police commissioners has already taken significant steps to implement some of the recommendations. Moving forward, the board will work collaboratively with Minister Tell and other ministry officials to reinforce best practices in the operations and governance model of the Prince Albert Police Service.


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