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BTS World Tour 2023 Schedule, India Concert Dates, Ticket Price & Everything You Need To Know!

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Within a few years, the Korean industry has been well-established and made people fan throughout the world. Whether it’s food, dance, music, web series, films or band, the craze of it is all over the world. Particularly BTS band is quite popular all over the world and people are getting crazy for its music. The members of this band are also attractive and the main reason for its popularity of it that as compared to men females are huge fans of this band. Now, these fans want to know if any kind of concert is left before the end of this year. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

BTS World Tour Schedule And India Tour 2022

How To Get Tickets For BTS World Tour 2022?

Numerous people are looking to know the schedule of the BTS World Tour 2022. As we said, this band is a popular music Korean band and has several hit songs with more than a billion plays. Now the reports are stating that this band is all ready to introduce their BTS World Tour 2022 asserting that they will be soon coming to India for their music concert. Indian fans are getting crazy after hearing this news and want to know the dates and the price of the concert and its tickets.

BTS World Tour 2022 Details

The Indian fans of this Korean band wanted them to have a concert in India and now it looks like finally, their wish has come true and soon they will witness the band in India. As per the reports of the media, BTS will soon be visiting India for their concert. There are many websites that are stating that they are coming on this year but this information is wrong because only a month is left before the end of this year and there is no such announcement has been made yet. But there are some reports who are pointing out that they are visiting India by the next year.

BTS World Tour Schedule And India Tour 2022

Bangton Soneondon usually known as BTS is a famous band of South Korean boys. We all know that BTS has become a “21st Century pop icon” by breaking many hit records. Now it is time to know when it will be arriving in India along with the dates of the tour. As per the details the K-band has selected 10 Asian countries where they are going to perform and India is one of them. The band select to visit 8 different countries around the continent of Europe. In India, the band will be performing in 4 states:-


The reports are stating that the price of the tickets starting from Rs 1,000 to Rs 50,000 per head and those who want to purchase it can visit www.iighit.com. The specific dates of the concert are not known yet but reports are stating that the BTS Tour in India is planned to start in the month of July 2023.


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