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Brendan Schaub Bobby Lee Drama: Was Bobby Threatened? Bobby Lee & His Girlfriend Speak Up About It, Reddit Explained!

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Brendan Schaub is in a hot mess, as the truth about him and the Bobby Lee drama was outspoken by many. This article is about the controversy between the comedians, which is now spoken publicly. It came out earlier that Bobby Lee was bullied and then his girlfriend was also bullied by him. The truth came out when Bobby Lee and his girlfriend spoke about the incident on a podcast H3H3 that how Brendan humiliated, bullied, and threatened them. They gave out that Brendan asked Lee to let Kuhn step back and threatened him about so. It was a rumor back when the news came out but it is now confirmed that they were bullied. The rumor began when a comedian said that Brendan talked inappropriately to her, Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Brendan Schaub Bobby Lee Drama Reddit

Brendan Schaub Bobby Lee Drama Reddit

And said walk me to my vehicle. It is Annie Lederman whom we are talking about. It is said that her words were not taken seriously and it was considered a rumor previously. But one thing to be noticed has Brendan owned a Ford Raptor when the rumor occurred. Bobby Lee’s girlfriend revealed in a podcast that when she was out for work, she apparently met Branden and to her surprise, he was hitting on her, despite that he had his family along with him. She also said that she was in a relationship with Lee for the past nine years and everybody knew that.

Was Bobby Threatened?

Maybe that was the reason he asked Lee to let her go. Lee on the podcast also revealed that he was afraid of being threatened and said that he is now bullied even by his close people and friends. Lederman also said that she was threatened by the fanbase of Branden and was said that she will be sued. This is not the only case where people are threatened, when a parody channel gave out some information about him, he took the channel owner into legal counsel,

And later that the channel was closed. Though many other you tubers as well were opposing him, he still wasn’t defeated. Speaking about the Bobby Lee and Brendan controversy, People consider that Lee was right, as what Branden does against even a small you tuber and all the things he has done against the actions against him, he might have threatened Bobby. Considering what Lee’s girlfriend said about Branden it can be speculated that they are getting threats eventually.


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