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Bigg Boss 15, Nominations 12th October 2021, Full Episode, Written Update, Check Who Will Get Eliminated This Week!

Because of the incredible competitors and their behaviour in the house, Bigg Boss 15 is quickly gaining popularity. It’s been ten days since Bigg Boss 15 began hosting and supervising the house’s entertainment. Several conflicts have occurred, as well as numerous lovely friendships and disputes among the housemates. What’s more, when the nominations were revealed in the house, We noticed an adoration relationship framing in the house between Meisha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal in the scene, which Afsana Khan excused as bogus.

Bigg Boss 15, 12th October 2021 Full Episode

Bigg Boss 15, 12th October 2021 Full Episode Written Update

Indeed, a lot of things are going to occur in the most up to date scene of Bigg Boss 15, and we will see a ton of turns beginning today. Every one of the contenders will fight to come to the show’s last scene, and it will be entrancing to see them do as such. As per the show’s latest mystery trailer, a few of the contenders will assemble in a kitchen region, and Tejasswi will inquire as to whether he prefers Shamita Shetty, to which he reacts, “I have never addressed her and regardless,

Bigg Boss 15 Nomination Today

She is a severe character kind of individual.” From that point forward, when Tejasswi specifies Gharwaasis, we see Nishant Bhat, Shamita Shetty, and Pratik Sehajpal rejoined in the following scene. She professes to have seen them examining approaches, yet Karan claims that when it comes time to demonstrate their fellowship, they will all be dispersed. On the other side, Ieshaan Sehgaal and Miesha Iyer’s romantic scene is capturing the audience’s attention, and fans are going crazy for them as a love storey begins at home.

In the last episode, we discovered that he proposed to Miesha. He keeps expressing his love for her throughout the day. He also made a promise to his mother and Bigg Boss that if she accepts his love, he will marry her. Iesaan kept shouting I Love You to her, but she remained silent and bewildered. Some housemates insist they are not in love and are simply drawn to each other since no one can fall in love within the three days of the show, while others believe they are.

Who Will Get Nominated This Week In BB15?

Furthermore, Afsana Khan described Ieshan and Miesha’s relationship as phoney. She claimed that they are simply doing this to gain support from bystanders so that they can move on. On the other side, Vishal Kotain says that it is simply an attraction and not love. So, how do you feel about this? Is there a romance between Ieshan and Miesha? or are they just strutting their stuff to get sympathy from the crowd? Moreover, we suggest you watch today’s episode as it going to be very fantastic so stay tuned on tv screens on time only on colors tv, and for additional insights and updates stick with TheGossipsWorld and we will update the live score here on our website!


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