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Bharathi Kannamaa 21st July 2021 Written Update: Venu Thanks Kannamaa For Arriving To Meet Hema

Bharathi Kannamaa today’s episode scene would begin where Venu states thanks to Kannamaa for showing up to meet Hema, Kannamaa answers that there is no compelling reason to make reference to this. In the meantime, says that she came here just for Hema simultaneously, Anjali comes and embraces them. Kannamaa acclaims her for the changeover, abruptly Soundarya says that she has changed absolutely and in the event that she will remain with her she will get everything. Impromptu, Soundarya gets some information about Lakshmi and she answers that Tulsi and sumati are there for her.

Bharathi Kannamaa 21st July 2021

Bharathi Kannamaa 21st July 2021 Full Episode

Later, at that point, Tulsi carries Lakshmi to the clinic and Kannamaa gets stunned to see her and asks Tulsi that for what reason she brought her here. She releases that Lakshmi anxiously needed to meet Hema, unexpectedly Lakshmi gets some information about Hema’s wellbeing. Soundarya answers that Kannamaa made her protected, Meanwhile, she goes to meet Hema and both get happy to see one another. Soundarya gets enthusiastic while reviewing old stuff and simultaneously, Hema educates Lakshmi that she won’t America.

Later of listening to this, Lakshmi gets cheerful and illuminates Kannamaa yet she requests that she quit jumping more about it. Since Bharathi is an irritable fellow and can take her America after her recuperation, yet Lakshmi denies her. Another side, Kumar liked Kannamaa for saving Hema’s life and Tulsi additionally concurs with him. Kannamaa says that she required love since no one but medication can help her to typical soon, yet Tulsi says that subsequent to seeing Kannamaa Hema’s joy has no limits.

Bharathi Kannamaa Today’s Episode Update

Later at that point, Soundarya attempts to take care of Hema yet she won’t eat on the grounds that she is discovering Kannamaa, and says that she needs Kannamaa to make her feed. In any case, Soundarya says that because of some direness she needed to go yet don’t stress she will come soon. Venu likewise says that once she will get glad then he will take her to the Kannamaa’s home without a doubt. Then, at that point Specialist comes and checks her temperature and finds that she is having 102 degrees, yet consents to release her.

Later at that point, Bharathi questions how is it possible that he would allow them to return her to the home in the interim, Specialist interferes with him and says that he previously educated them that her illness doesn’t have any medication than Kannamaa’s adoration. Subsequent to hearing this Venba imagines that everything is leaving her hands, simultaneously, Venu asks Bharathi that for what good reason he left the spot when communicating. So, remember to witness the complete scene of the Bharathi Kannamaa on time, and for additional insights just stay associated with TheGossipsWorld.


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