Unveiling A Dark Chapter: The Horrific Tale Of “Barry Bennell Wife” And Rumour About His Marriage 

Barry Bennell Wife: In the world of football, where dreams are born and talents nurtured, a chilling tale of abuse and torment unfolded. Barry Bennell, a former football coach, left a trail of devastation in his wake, preying on young aspiring players. 

Barry Bennell Wife
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Barry Bennell Wife

It is rumored that Barry Bennell was married and the name of his wife is Lynda has been rumored for some time. But to give you the clarity, it’s still unknown if he was married or not also there is no information present regarding Lynda. So it’s completely unknown and no one knows about his personal life.

Barry Bennell Family

The story begins with Andy Woodward, a football-loving youngster whose dreams were crushed by Barry Bennell’s malevolent actions. Bennell, a prolific child abuser, targeted Andy during his teenage years.

What makes this tale even more harrowing is the fact that Bennell eventually married Andy’s sister, Lynda, in 1991. Unbeknownst to the siblings, their family had already suffered unimaginable grief due to Bennell’s relatives.

Barry Bennell: A Dark Family History

In a shocking revelation, it was uncovered that Bennell’s cousin, Ronald, had committed a heinous crime in 1970. Lynda, after whom Andy’s sister was named, was brutally murdered by Ronald Bennell as she walked home through Manchester.

Lynda, who was seven months pregnant at the time, was found dead near the Kingsway dual carriageway, having endured rape, beatings, and bite wounds. Andy recalled visiting Bennell’s parents’ house, where a photo of Ronald Bennell hung on the wall.

At that time, he had no idea that “Our Ronnie” was his aunt’s murderer. Ronald Bennell had taken his own life in Strangeways prison while on remand for the murder of another young woman in Stockport in 1989. He had served 12 years of a life sentence for Lynda’s murder when he was 18.

Barry Bennell Life Story

To shed light on this horrifying narrative, a documentary drama titled “Floodlights” was created. Gerard Kearns, known for his role in “Shameless,” portrayed Andy Woodward, emphasizing the importance of doing justice to the victim’s story.

The screenplay was crafted by Matt Greenhalgh, renowned for bringing true tales to the screen. Greenhalgh recognized the significance of Andy’s story, not only for football but for society as a whole, as it exposed the dark underbelly of child abuse. Andy Woodward’s hope is that this film will contribute to ending abuse in football and all walks of life.

Barry Bennell Testimony

Barry Bennell faced justice in 2018 when he was convicted. His trial led to the conviction of thirteen men involved in football during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s for historic sexual abuse offenses. Andy Woodward’s courageous testimony in 2016 encouraged numerous

Other men to come forward with their own stories of abuse in similar circumstances. Approximately 100 victims have since come forward with allegations specifically against Bennell, a former scout for Manchester City and a former coach at Crewe Alexandra and Stoke City football clubs.

Barry Bennell Death

Barry Bennel died on 16th September 2023 in prison due to cancer disease. He was punished with 30 years long imprisonment for child sexual abuse and during his lockup period he lost his life.


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