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Anupama 23rd July 2021 Written Update: Kavya Is Preparing Breakfast

Anupama today’s episode starts with Smara is hauling Pakhi to proceed to state sorry to Anu maa. In any case, she is denying it and she falls on the floor in the meantime Toshu enters and he uses to blows up at Samar. Then, at that point, the two of them engage in warmed contentions. They even use to hit one another. During their battle, Babu Ji comes there and he gets strained to see them battling.

Anupama 23rd July 2021

Anupama 23rd July 2021 Full Episode

Then at that point we would go to see that Kavya is getting ready for breakfast Anu comes other she discloses to her that morning meal is prepared. In the mean time, Pakhi additionally comes there, she gets glad to see her morning meal. Then, at that point Anu gives Pakhi medication for the stomach however she denies take it. Abu gets injured seeing her responses. Later Anu goes to Vnaraj and advises him to converse with Pakhi once. Samar likewise comes there with the layouts plans. Mom Ji sees the words on the flyer are written in the incorrect manner.

Yet, Vanraj reveals to them this is finished by him purposefully so that individuals can take their consideration regarding the flyer. After this, we will see that there is a handout on the floor and Vanraj pushes ‘ahead to pick it and he gets injured seeing it. Then, at that point Anu spurs him a great deal by giving him the best model. Then, at that point Vanraj goes into the market and he began to disperse these flyers to individuals. Everybody in the family shock to see him doing such things. They feel terrible for him and updates how he used to remain like a chief and what is he doing today is inaccessible.

Then after that Kavya additionally comes there and she stays shocked by Vanraj conveying flyers. What’s more, she decides to leave from that point. However, Anu will be seen helping Vanraj in disseminating those handouts. In the mean time, Rakhi comes there with one of her companions and they notice Anu and Vanraj. Rakhi feels modest and ponders, “Kinjal isn’t live with them and she is in the workplace else she is additionally doing likewise.” And the scene finishes here Grab the complete scene only on Star Plus on time and for additional insights we are here available for you so stay tuned with TheGossipsWorld.


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