Home Television Anupama 14th May 2021: Latest Episode Written Update Highlights Spoiler

Anupama 14th May 2021: Latest Episode Written Update Highlights Spoiler

So the first scene commences with Anupama as she questions Vanraj whether he helps her. Anu moves from that moment. Everybody gets amazed to watch her alongside Vanraj. Anupama says him to come along with her. whereas the other side, Nandini & Kavya discuss with one another regarding Anupama. Kavya states to her that she feels bad for Anu & couldn’t watch her so sorrowful. Anu & Vanraj remembering the flashes which they shared with one another. Vanraj requires to restrict Anupama from heading to the court though couldn’t capable to tell to her.

Anupamaa 14th May 2021

Anupamaa 14th May 2021 Full Episode Update

Whereas another side, Vanraj states to Anupama when that she requires to drive the vehicle. She rejects & states that she wants to finish this trip likewise as she began. She states that she arrived at this home in the vehicle. The two of them recall their astounding flashes of life with one another.

Hasmukh arrives there & questions Leela that for what purpose she is distressed also she didn’t love Anupama. She states that currently, she commenced liking her therefore she lefts her. Hasmukh sympathisers her stating she ought to have trust in god. He speaks to her that she should be powerful. Kavya & Nandini gets shocked to listen to them.

If we talking about the upcoming scene there in the coming scene, Anupama receives a phone call from her judicial counsellor. She questions him whether she gets the parting now. He replies to her that she requires to speak to the judge that she requires a parting from Vanraj at any price. From that moment onward, Pakhi teaches everybody that Leela would meet Kavya, they get anxious, when that they commence competing with one another.

Leela asks her when that she empowers them to meet Anupama. Kavya replies to her that she isn’t that terrible as she might assume. She explains to her that she couldn’t have Anupama’s position, she should make her personal spot in this family. Vanraj & Anupama’s vehicle got emerged from the disaster. Kavya passionately is awaiting to watch the separation records and the episode ends here, for a complete episode watch it on Star Plus at 9:00 PM IST and stay connected with TheGossipsWorld for more latest updates and information on Anupama.


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