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Ankha Zone Dance Video Twitter, Animal Crossing Series Original Full Video Went Viral Social Media!

Ankha Zone Original Video Twitter: Hello guys a weird and wicked video of an Animated cat Ankha is viral on the net and is breaking the internet. The video is by the name Ankha zone and people are mad for the video. They are watching it millions of millions of times. It is a really adorable Cartoon character dancing IN EGYPTIAN STYLE. She is becoming the heart of the video game series and gathering a lot of publicity compared to an animated character. The video is just catchy to resist.

Ankha The Zone Dance Twitter Video

Ankha Zone Dance Twitter Video

The video has been reportedly made by a youtube named Zone and the name of the series is Ankha Crossing. It’s an animal life-related show based on animation. Ankha is an animated girl cat character and she is really adorable. She is wearing a golden Egyptian costume like the Egyptians used to wear in ancient times like mummies and it also has navy blue stripes. She has applied the traditional blue liner ender eyes just like an Egyptian Queen. The video is all hyped for the rhyming used. The video’s duration is 1 minute and 18 seconds

Ankha The Zone Original Viral Video

The video starts with a line, “This is a tribute-paying to a most attractive animation of Ankha by Minus8.”The artist is honoring the character. Ankha is a rural Egyptian cat in the “Animal Crossing Series” that emerges in nearly all games, leaving Pocket Camp, Wild World. As for the suggested name Ankha, it is an Egyptian word that means “Ankh” and it is linked to the ancient life of Egypt. The Name Ankha’s in Japanese translation is “The Nile” (The youtube also being Japanese) which is the Nile River as it is the longest river on planet earth and has a huge role in Egyptian history. The cute cat is really eye-catching and giving a mesmerizing performance.

Ankha The Zone Animal Series All Episodes

In the beginning, she used to wear a pink attire, an Aloha shirt when was deemed to be an island gentlewoman and with that, in the City Folk and in the New Leaf she put up a mummy costume while in New Horizon she came into a tank jacket. And about her personality, she is really cocky as she is very affectionate for gossips and she loves dresses and makeup like any other girl. she is very egotistic as she is always harshly sound with the villagers and her fellow companions. But now is killing it with the Egyptian attire.

It’s designed by the artist Zone and he has around 200K followers on Twitter and roughly 600K subscribers on YouTube. The video spreading like Wildfire and it is expected to be shared and viewed over a million times. His popularity is going to increase exponentially over time as the people are really liking the cat Ankha and her Dance moves. For additional insights and updates on world news stay associated with TheGossipsWorld.


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