Are Andrea Knabel Parents Really Mike Knabel And Cheryl Knabel!

Andrea Knabel parents  – Andrea Knabel is a young woman who have been missing since 2019 and still she cannot be found anywhere. She is a mother of two children who belongs to Louisville, Kentucky and suddenly one day she gets lost and can never be found again. Her disappearance has made everyone sad and her children are also alone crying for her. She has been missing for a long time and here we talk about the condition of her parents.

Andrea Knabel's parents 
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Andrea Knabel parents 

The situation of Andrea’s sudden disappearance has left her whole family very emotional and sad. Her father, Mike Knabel is very much worried about her condition and having false hopes. He described very

bad experiences of having negative dreams where he is rushing back to check if someone resembles his daughter and it was actually Andrea. Tragically, these encounters have always ended in disappointment as these individuals were actually strangers.

Her mother Cheryl Knabe is also crying so badly in the loss of her daughter and constantly ill. The emotional rollercoaster of these family members are leading them to search for Andrea.

What happened to Andrea Kanbel?

Andrea Knabel went missing suddenly on 13th August 2019 at the age of 37 leaving her two children behind. She was last seen at her mother’s residence on Chickadee Road in the Audubon Park neighborhood at about 6:31 am. Professionally, Andrea used to help other families in searching for their

missing loved ones. So according to her father she would not have voluntarily disappeared or taken her own life. Her close friends also said the same statement about her and they signed on her kidnapping.  

Detectives with the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) have also shared two possibilities that either Andrea is out of town or deceased just after the five months of her disappearance.

Who is Andrea Knabel?

Andrea Knabel is a dedicated American woman who worked as a volunteer and analyst. She was a social worker and very much dedicated to helping others and working for the welfare of others. This nature of her led her to help her to help the families in their searches for missing loved ones. She suddenly

disappeared in August 2019 that made everyone shocked and emotional because someone who helped others to find their missing family member is now missing. A documentary has also been made on this matter named ‘Finding Andrea,’ which aims to spread her matter and find her soon.

Andrea Knabel: FAQ

Who is Andrea Knabel?

Andrea Knabel is an American woman who was went missing in 2019 at the age of 37 years.

Who is Andrea Knabel’s parents?

Andrea Knabel’s father is Mike Knabel and her mother is Cheryl Knabel.


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