Ailin Perez Twerking Video Inside The Octagon Following Victory Sparks Outrage All over “Flona” holds a 2-1 record in the UFC”….!!!

Ailin Perez Twerking Video: There is a video that is currently trending all over social media platforms and people are viewing it a lot of time. Her video is creating buzz all over the social media platforms and people are searching for that video in a huge amount. The video was shooted after her victory in the UFC and she was later seen dancing and celebrating it with her child. The video was successfully able to catch a lot of attention as she was looking very happy enjoying her win carelessly and it became trending after that. 

Ailin Perez Twerking Video
Image Source: OutKick

Ailin Perez Twerking Video

Ailin Perez’s twerking video is currently getting a huge trend after she was found celebrating her win with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). She was looking extremely happy in the video celebrating her victory and was twerking with her child.

The cute moment of Ailin Perez had really grabbed all the people’s attention and the moment was captured beautifully. Ailin Perez has made a huge name in the mixed martial arts and she has really been an inspiration to many women who can go very far in any of the fields and profiles they want.

Ailin Perez is an extremely talented and skilled mixed martial arts performer and a lot of crowd was gathered there to celebrate her victory. In the middle of the celebration she was seen twerking with her child which was recorded and shared by her fans and it grabbed a lot of people’s attention.

Ailin Perez Life And Career

Ailin Perez is a well-known mixed martial artist who has recently won the Ultimate Fighting Championship and made a record worldwide. She has made a successful career in mixed martial arts and is known worldwide for her extreme talent.

Ailin Perez Twerking Video
Image Source: MiddleEasy

She was born on 16th August 1994 in Mexico City. She was extremely interested in combat sports from her childhood days. She started learning Judo and Taekwondo, which gave her an entry into the martial arts field. She started her competitive career and took part in multiple amateur tournaments.

She joined Invicta FC in 2015 and started her professional career. She recently took part in the UFC Vegas preliminary bout and fought against Lucie Pudilova and won the tournament. 

Ailin Perez Early Life

Ailin Perez has been very talented since her childhood life. She was a professional dancer before professional mixed martial arts. She was an expert in many dance forms like salsa, bachata and Reggaeton. 

She gained a huge population and a lot of attention after her backflip during her match with Stephanie Egger during the UFC Paris Weigh-in. She is a perfect dancer and believes that dance is her way to express herself. 


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