Why Was Ahed Tamimi Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!

Ahed Tamimi Arrested: Recent news is coming for the arrest of activist Ahed Tamimi. Israeli police and defence forces had arrested her during an army Raid. She was suspected of promoting and attempting terrorist activities. An army raid was done and she was arrested after that. She was actively involved in promoting terrorism and violence all around the town of Nahlbi Salih. Israel’s security forces always doubt her and have been searching for evidence for a very long time. She was a well-known Palestinian activist and after all the Gaza attacks, Israel initiated the arrests of all the Palestinians who are supporting Hamas.

Ahed Tamimi Arrested
Image source: France 24

Why Was Ahed Tamimi Arrested?

Ahed Tamimi is a 22-year-old Palestinian activist who was involved in terrorism and violence. She was recently arrested after the army raid in the occupied West Bank. She is arrested as the suspect of inciting terrorism and violence in the town of Nabi Salih.

After the recent Gaza attacks on Israel, the security forces of Israel have increased. Israeli security and defence forces are currently arresting all the Palestinians who are supporting Hamas for the terrorist activities they are doing to Israel. 

Terrorism and violence are rapidly increasing on the Israelis and it is all possible because there must be some inner people who are supporting Hamas. Israeli security and defence forces are actively verifying the whole matter of the recent ongoing wars.

Who Is Ahed Tamimi?

Ahed Tamimi is a 22-year-old popular and prominent Palestinian activist who has been in the eye of the media from the age of 14 years. She had initiated violence with Israeli soldiers and slapped many Israeli army women soldiers.

Ahed Tamimi Arrested
Image Source: JNS

She came into the limelight at the age of 14 years after she slapped two Israeli soldiers to prevent him from arresting her brother. Her brother came for a violation suspect and she slapped the army to stop them from arresting his brother.

She was also arrested in 2017 for slapping two Israeli soldiers in the family courtyard near the West Bank when she asked them to leave but they did not. 

She is an active Palestinian and she is always a huge suspect for initiating violence and hate amongst the localities and a biggest supporter of violence. 

When netizens and her family asked the reason for her arrest the army head shared an Instagram post saying “aimed at apprehending individuals suspected of being involved in terrorist activities and incitement to hatred”. After that, her mother also shared a post denying all the blame and suspects and claimed that she had been out from all these activities for a long time.


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