A Phoenix Woman Wakes Up In Morning From Mortuary After Being Declared Dead, What Happened?

A Phoenix Woman Wakes Up In the Morning: Hello, readers we are here talking about something very shocking so lately the whole social media platform is in shock so recently aware and a very strange story is coming up so if you are not aware of this particular matter make sure that you will be going to read the article till last so this is a strange story came to know from Kwazuku Natal. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

A Phoenix Woman Wakes Up In the Morning After Declared Dead

A Phoenix Woman Wakes Up In The Morning After Declared Dead

So a woman came up claiming that she was put in a mortuary even when she was not dead yes this is quite shocking for everyone. So now there are several questions that have been raised by the Department of Health that this statement is being made by this woman and now the whole Hospital is in controversy along with the department staff.

So people want to watch more details about this woman and about this statement that has been released by her because she was packed up in Pheonix and transferred to the mortuary and pronounced dead. So when this particular news came people were curious and shocked.

What Happened With A Phoenix Woman?

It is also quite weird and sounded very strange which is the reason why there were several questions that are floating on the social media platform if you are the one who wanted to know and explore the details make sure that you stick to this article and kindly drag down the page so that you can get more relevant updates about this woman who makes up from the mortuary.

Who Is A Phoenix Woman that Wakes Up In the Morning After Dead?

Talking about this woman who is 52 years old and is identified as Constantia Junior Govender. So after an interview, she came up explaining that she was at her friend’s home but she suddenly blacked out and when she walked up she found herself at the mortuary she was feeling cold while covered with the sheet from the corpse bed.

And when she got to know that she has been surrounded by dead bodies she was in a panic situation and she was having no idea what to do. Later on, she was held by the staff members of the hospital who took her out of the place in a wheelchair.

And then they admitted her to the casualty ward from that she came up explaining that she was at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital earlier when she visited the same hospital she was administered oxygen but flatlined three times and it is not the first time she is facing an issue from this particular department.


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